Grow With Us

  1. We are looking for suppliers who want to join us as true partners. Partners in growth, partners in opportunity and partners in quality. Our planned double digit growth isn’t possible without YOU.
  2. We're looking for suppliers who appreciate… Volume. Reliability. Expansion. Someone to grow with us as we open new stores in new locations. Let's succeed together.
  3. Our suppliers would enjoy high volume and an easy working relationship. With average retail area per store of approximately 700m2 the opportunities are plenty. So there’s no better time than now to become part of the Grocery Bazaar supplier family.

Turn Up Your Volume

  • At Grocery Bazaar, we offer an assortment of selected items. Our select assortment model means you get shelf space monopoly where you don't compete with other brands.
  • As a result, the opportunity for volume is huge. Don't think by the case, think of full pallets or full truckloads. That's how we intend to buy. And our Everyday Low Price structure allows us to order in consistent quantities. So expect significant, steady volume.
...coming soon!
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